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INTRA is a research environment that explore the significance of aesthetic activity in pedagogical contexts. In these contexts, we are able to discover new perspectives on how experience, knowledge and new insights emerge. “INTRA” focuses on how the becoming of human beings intra-relates to other human beings as well as to other matters. We have proceeded from “inter-relations” to the broader concept of “intra-relation”. Materiality is seen as everything from human bodies, language and tools to physical environments and nature.

Aesthetic forms of expressions contribute to the discovery of this intra-relating, and thereby to an ethical responsibility for the climate and environment of the earth.

“Pedagogy” refers to- and has validity for encounters between human beings in different contexts as well as to how these encounters are embodied. These pedagogical aesthetic activities elaborate on EXA (Expressive Arts). The kernel of our work is the relations between human beings and matter, through expressions such as painting/sculpture, dance/movement, sound/music, poetry/tales, psychodrama/theatre as well as interactions and dialogue.

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