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Linda Jonsson
Pers Karin Skogar

New members


To be able to answer to incoming requests of collaborations and assignments regarding practical implementations, we will broaden INTRA. Two persons have therefore been linked to INTRA: Pers Karin Skogar and Linda Jonsson – see “About us” > “Members”.

Workshop and collaboration with Gyllenhuset in Gothenburg


The research group INTRA have initiated a collaboration with Folkhögskoleföreningen Gyllenhuset, which is a folk high school association that is applying to be able to start a folk high school directed at persons struggling with mental illness. The work of Gyllenhuset is currently executed as a part of Arbetarrörelsens folkhögskola – a folk high school originating in the Swedish labor movement – in Gothenburg, although applying to be able to become an independent folk high school during 2022.

Per Apelmo, Pers Karin Skogars and Linda Jonsson from INTRA initiated the collaboration on August 9th through a workshop together with their team. Hannes Lundkvist from INTRA is included in their team, as a teacher. Per and Hannes is also working on an article about pedagogy and mental illness, which will form the basis of the input of the research group in the collaboration. There is an expressed ambition to find forms and economy for a further collaboration between the folk high school and INTRA. More info will come continuously during the process of the collaboration!

Meeting with the research group in Värnamo

2021-08-06 — 07

The research group INTRA have met for a working weekend in Värnamo on August 6–7th, 2021. Amongst other topics, we discussed the following during the meeting:

  • The new website, which has evoked great interest, with over a thousand visitors from countries all over the world. The site will now be further developed, for instance with new headings for news, assignments and popular education.
  • The scientific reference group of INTRA will be invited to a digital meeting on Zoom, on December 7th, Thursday, 14–16 P.M. (CET). This will be the first meeting of the group, and will provide opportunities for presentations and visions for further collaboration.
  • INTRA is growing and welcomes two additional members – Pers Karin Skogar and Linda Jonsson – that both are EXA-educated and that will be available for assignments such as workshops and different forms of education and implementations etc., in line with the work of the research group (see “About us – members).
  • INTRA will, during the autumn, continue the work with research applications, for instance for the announcement of The Research Council of Norway, in February 2022. Contacts will also be made with The Swedish National Council of Adult Education, to examine the possibilities for applications for R&D projects (Research and Development).
  • INTRA are searching, during the autumn, for collaboration partners in different organizations. At the time, we have a collaboration with Folkhögskoleföreningen Gyllenhuset (a folk high school association) in Gothenburg.
  • Regarding or writings, we are currently working primarily with contributions for the anthology Nordiska rhizom (ed. Bosse Bergstedt, Jonas Alwall and Tine Jensen).

Our Website


We are now releasing our new website! We WELCOME you who have found your way here.

The website is under development and work is in progress. We think, however, that we have reached far enough to invite you to the site.

We intend to keep this page that we call “Actualities” vivid with thoughts that we consider to be relevant currently. Here, you are able to leave a comment. If you would like to do a post, you can contact one of the members of the Research Group INTRA.

What remains to be done?

  • A few more name will be added to the scientific reference group.
  • An index that will be established so that you, as a guest, will be able to explore our collected material more easily.
  • We will link to other sites that we consider to be interesting and in proximity of our work.
  • Under Writing Series D we will add dissertations, research articles and academic reports as well as examples of implementations that we consider to be interesting and in proximity of our work.

Our English version of the site is developing. Some of our contributions are already available in both Swedish and English. Some are only available in English, several only in Swedish. We are currently searching to be able to finance English translations. We welcome suggestions and resources that enables a broadening and deepening of our work.

The work with our website is on a volunteer basis, which is a strength but also a limitation.

Welcome! In this way, we are making our texts and works available. We hope that our work is able to inspire more.

Best regards

Bosse Börje Hannes and Per

The Research Group INTRA in May 2021

To Stimulate talking


This spring, the Social Democrats in Värnamo assembled the group that will prepare for the election in 2022. INTRA were inquired to provide a contribution at the beginning of their process in order to stimulate dialogue amongst the members of the group. The contribution was carried through at Vandalorum, the museum of art and design in Värnamo on April 24th Saturday, 2021. The process concerned the modalities of image, music, poem and silence. A follow-up meeting was held on May 22th.