The research group INTRA is interested of collaborations and assignments within the whole field our work covers.

We are searching for partners and sites in which we can conduct research interventions and develop our philosophy and research methodology. Through our scientific reference group, we will be able to develop the scientificity of the work.

We also want to test and develop the philosophy, theory and pedagogic methodology of the research group in practice, in different contexts and with different target groups. To be able to answer to incoming requests, the group has been broadened with two graduated EXA-therapists – Pers Karin Skogar and Linda Jonsson – that both, in different ways, have been active in the development project SKAPA (en. CREATE) in Eskilstuna (see Writing Series E), and have thusly received a familiarity with the practical implementation of EXA developed therein. Some assignments have already been implemented and are presented in “Actualities”.

Those interested in collaborations, can read about our practical implementation in Writing Series E and contact us on for more info.

Below are examples on different forms of previous practical implementations:

  • At Mälardalen University’s education for social workers, we have, with good results, conducted a course in Personal and Professional Development, in which we have integrated EXA in the encounter with the students, to enable them to develop self-awareness and professionality before entering working life.
  • We have had single interventions with teams in need of developing their collaboration or getting to know each other. In a collaboration with the Church of Sweden, we worked with the whole staff of the parish of Eskilstuna with further training and training in the use of table theatre. We have also worked with the social service of Eskilstuna, a few occasions, during their staff planning days. Furthermore, we have worked with the Social Democrats of Värnamo and Folkhögskoleföreningen Gyllenhuset (a Swedish folk high school association) in Gothenburg. During these interventions, we have worked with expressive art forms to establish new ways of communicating and collaborating with each other in order to deepen the possibilities within the teams to cooperate and develop further.