The Research Group INTRA emerge through a collaboration between Dan Tedenljung and Per Apelmo. When Hannes Lundkvist and Bosse Bergstedt joined the group, the work developed into its current form and orientation, where the emphasis on an intra-relational perspective is central. This development is visible in our writing series. By Börje Forsgårds participations, we have received the capacity to communicate INTRA:s work in social media. Through the participation of Linda Jonsson and Pers Karin Skogar, the group is given broader possibilities for requests of practical implementations in collaborations and in assignments.

Research Group INTRA consists of:

Bosse Bergstedt

Bosse Bergstedt is a professor in pedagogy at Østfold University College. He has a wide interest of research and has during the recent yerars worked with the development of an onto-analysis, by which he studies philosophical and pedagogical phenomena. The interest for posthumanism and new materialism has brought him to projects about transcorporeal pedagogy with a special focus on expressive art and sustainable development. Bergstedt is scientific leader for the networks Posthumanism and new materialism and Post-approaches to Education.

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Per Apelmo

Per Apelmo, social worker, graduated EXA-therapist, certified psychotherapist, doctoral student at the Institute of Social Work, University of Gothenburg. After more than 30 years of experiense, working with EXA in relation to a maltitude of groups, he as of today works as a consultant with EXA as a tool, in both psychotherapeutic- as well as educational and consultative contexts. Board member of SRUK.


Hannes Lundkvist

Hannes Lundkvist is working as a principal and teacher at Mimi folkhögskola in Gothenborg, which is a school for persons that in different ways is struggling with mental illness. He is a certified teacher of Swedish and Swedish as a second language. He has previously mainly taught Swedish as a second language for youth refugees and has several years of experience working with Expressive Arts.

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Börje Forsgård

Börje Forsgård, graduated EXA-therapist, board member of SRUK, folk high school teacher and curator at Magelungen Utveckling AB. Web editor.

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Linda Jonsson

Linda Jonsson, graduated EXA therapist, works part time with conversational therapy and self-development for clients, couples and groups. She is the head of SRUK – the Swedish national association of Expressive Arts,

For 20 years, Linda leads groups in free meditative dance and has conducted workshops, since 2017, with the Church of Sweden in Örebro, on the koncept “Dance and conversations”, where she conversate about music, movements and images, through EXA pedagogy. She also works part time as an administrative surveyor.

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Pers Karin Skogar

Pers Karin is a graduated Expressive Arts therapist. She is a boardmember of SRUK, the Swedish national association of Expressive Arts. During almost 30 years, she has operated an own business that focuses on furnishing of public environments. She has worked with Expressive Arts within the Church of Sweden. Moreover, she has worked with individual guidance for managers and workshops, as well as assignments as guest teacher at Mälardalen University at their social workers program. Today, Pers Karin works part time as a consultant with career guidance, readjustments and guidance for managers.

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