Actualities OLD

Actualities OLD

New Website

We are now releasing our new website! We WELCOME you who have found your way here.

The website is under development and work is in progress. We think, however, that we have reached far enough to invite you to the site.

We intend to keep this page that we call “Actualities” vivid with thoughts that we consider to be relevant currently. Here, you are able to leave a comment. If you would like to do a post, you can contact one of the members of the Research Group INTRA.

What remains to be done?

  • A few more name will be added to the scientific reference group.
  • An index that will be established so that you, as a guest, will be able to explore our collected material more easily.
  • We will link to other sites that we consider to be interesting and in proximity of our work.
  • Under Writing Series D we will add dissertations, research articles and academic reports as well as examples of implementations that we consider to be interesting and in proximity of our work.

Our English version of the site is developing. Some of our contributions are already available in both Swedish and English. Some are only available in English, several only in Swedish. We are currently searching to be able to finance English translations. We welcome suggestions and resources that enables a broadening and deepening of our work.

The work with our website is on a volunteer basis, which is a strength but also a limitation.

Welcome! In this way, we are making our texts and works available. We hope that our work is able to inspire more.

Best regards

Bosse Börje Hannes and Per

The Research Group INTRA in May 2021